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Creating a Digital Asset Management Business Case
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Our customer found that the demand for imagery, videos and other media has risen continuously over the past few years. More and more places in and outside the company have image data created or requested. Many images were created two or more times in various qualities. The costs of creating, managing and distributing the images were not quantified, but it was assumed that the costs were too high and costs were not fully controlled. An increasing number of positions in the company databases were created to manage the image data, in addition countless assets were on the local hard drives of staff an requests for imagery could not be actioned speedily or efficiently.

Task was to create a business case that would give information about the exact status and if it would be worthwhile to implement a professional DAM (Digital Asset Management) system. In addition to the classic business case, a video should be created, that summarizes the facts in a maximum of three minutes, and should convince the board as well as the workforce, if necessary, and motivate them to take action.

In a DAM start workshop we involved experts from different functions and hierarchies, we first identified the problem, set up working hypotheses, coordinated the next steps and created a commitment of the various stakeholders. Subsequently we procured and validated the required data in a 15-day discovery phase. It took an extra 10 days to collect and process the data, to create and align the business case. After approval we provided an executive summary of the results and presented it in a video format.

The result was not only two different business case documents and a video, but rather the fact, that the global board of our client has understood the problem in jut 30 minutes and has initiated a DAM implementation program. Due to the launch workshop and the subsequent discovery phase, the entire organisation made a commitment and was involved. The DAM implementation could start easily and could be completed in a controlled and efficient way.

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